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LAP Lightning Titan 2.5' / 0.76m LED Lightbar (Clear lens)
LAP Electrical
LAP Lightning Titan 2.5' / 0.76m LED Lightbar (Clear lens)

Featuring four ECE R65 approved flash patterns and three operating modes, the Lightning TITAN LED lightbar is a highly versatile addition to our UK manufactured lightbar range.

Main Features:
- Dual voltage (12/24V)
- 2ft (0.6m). 2½ft (0.76m), 3ft (0.9m), 4ft (1.2m), 5ft (1.5m) and 6ft (1.8m) model available (contact us for details and special orders)
- Four R65 approved flash patterns (single, double, triple, quad flash) with optional airport flash pattern also available
- Three selectable operating modes - simultaneous, lefft/right and front/back
- Meets ECE R65 and EMC regulations (ECE R10)
- Amber or clear polycarbonate lens
- Extruded aluminium base
- Fully encapsulated electronic control module
- Long life LED technology
- Opal, clear or amber centre sections available
- 4 Bolt mounting fix / high rise feet option
- 2ft Magnetic models available
- Manufactured in the UK
- 3 Year warranty
Further information
▸ LAP Electrical
▸ 3 kg.
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