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BR990 6 way Switch Panel
911 Signal
BR990 6 way Switch Panel

Simplify the installation of flashing LED lights, covert lighting and lightbars with this great looking, compact 6-way switching unit. Part of a range of 2, 6 and 9-way switches from 911 Signal.

Features six on/off latching switches with the installation cables, power cables, legend sheet and mounting bracket.

The cables allow you to connect the power straight to your battery and you're ready to go - no additional relays, no fuss.

Backlit legends and rubber keys light up on activation. Legends are supplied on a sheet (see picture).

12v only. Also sold under the names Onus Technologies and Brooking Industries in Europe and the United States.
Further information
▸ 911 Signal
▸ 0.35 kg.
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